The activities of the MaHoLa project can be divided into three main groups.

The first group is the investment activities focused on the complete monumental restoration of the western part of the manor. As part of the renovation, a roof will be restored (including the roofs of the onion-shaped corner turrets, with particular attention to handcrafted details), which will be covered with ceramic roofing. The interiors will also be restored in an artistic and artisanal way. Due to the new function of this part, we want to implement drainage, make the sewage system functional and improve the quality of the networks. The restoration of the monument will be carried out in accordance with the issued decisions and under the supervision of the Regional Office of Monuments of Trenčín, which will carry out the supervision of the state of the monuments during the restoration.

The second group of activities reflects the new function of the restored part of the castle and its interior. The corner rooms will be used to present the history of the castle as museum exhibits and exhibition spaces for regional artists and social and cultural activities. Another room will be used as a shop with local agricultural and artistic products. The remaining two rooms will be used both as a cultural and creative space with a wide range of uses, as well as a short-term artistic residence and as accommodation for short periods, a place to spend the night in the quiet and authentic setting of a historic manor house. It will not be possible to host a greater number of people en masse, due to the constraints linked to the unique genius loci of the manor. For this reason, equipment will be purchased: furniture and accessories, historical artifacts, objects of cultural value and equipment for exhibition installations. We will be happy to supply the refurbished premises to external interested parties as well.

The third group of activities will be cultural and educational events, the organization of which we want to help pay off the imaginary debt with our ancestors. The topics of the lectures and discussions will not only be the oldest history of the manor, Ladiec or the immediate vicinity, but also sad topics from the history of the twentieth century with an emphasis on the period of totalitarian regimes. One of the results of the third group of activities of the project will be a material focused on the theme of the coexistence of the Jewish population especially in the first half of the twentieth century. We would also like to use the information obtained in open discussions, the aim of which, we hope, will be to increase tolerance towards minorities.

Our Norwegian partner will also participate in some activities, whose contribution will be to transfer their experience of raising awareness of cultural heritage, traditional lifestyle and crafts from Norway to Slovakia.

We will be happy if you also send us your suggestions, which we can use in our events. We hope to see each other there.