Manor House Ladce


Why MaHoLa?

The unusual name of the MaHoLa project is an acronym for the English version of the name of the castle of Ladce (Manor house Ladce). The English language was used in the project application, in which we applied for support under the EEA and Norway CLT01 Grant Announcement of July 2019 (LINK) and in which we were successful.

Purpose of the project

The purpose of the project is mainly a monumental restoration of the western wing of the manor house in Ladce, dating back to the first half of the 18th century. This part of the manor has significant monuments, represented by two corner towers with Baroque onion roofs. At the end of the project, the western part of the manor house will be used as a regional cultural center with an overlap in the provision of services and exhibition spaces. Authentic rooms over 250 years old will also provide future visitors with perks such as a short-term art residency or a suitable place for digital detox.


As part of the investment activities of the MaHoLa project, the roof of the western part of the manor house and the onion roofs of the corner turrets will naturally be restored with particular attention to handcrafted details, proof of the mastery of the ancient craftsmen. The interiors will be restored as a monument, which will give new life to a cultural center combined with a local produce shop, as well as rooms designed for the presentation of historical objects, documenting and presenting the development of the castle and the life in it. In addition to creative workshops for various target groups, exhibitions of local artists will be organized in these rooms, as well as professional events, conferences and debates.

The project will also include educational activities focused on the history of the manor house in Ladce and on building the relationship of citizens with their cultural heritage. In the context of professional events, we will also address the issues of national minorities who lived in the village and its surroundings in the past. In the local history of the twentieth century, we see the potential in the formation of the young generation, which we see as the bearer of the legacy of tolerance towards all peaceful fellow citizens, regardless of their origin, language or religion.

Grant recipient and partner

The recipient of the EEA grant is Silvia Da Col Heisar s.r.o., owner of the castle. The partners of the project are the Municipality of Ladce ( and the professional school of Ladce (
The donor country's project partner is Bryne University for Green Development (Norway) (Høgskulen per grøn utvikling,
Thanks to all partners. Without them, we would not be able to prepare a project of such quality that we would be able to compete with almost 70 projects from all over Slovakia.

Are you interested in the project and want to know more?

We will be happy to answer your questions at / official email contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /. We will be happy if you send us your e-mail contact so that we can include you in our contact list, through which we will inform you about the news in the implementation of the MaHoLa project.