On Saturday, December 9, 2023, the Motešicky manor in Ladce resounded with a Christmas concert. We restored the premises of the manor with the vision of organizing such cultural events, which by their nature fit into the restored monument. At the end of November, we had a visit from the Norwegian group Sunnmøre Baarelag, but this time we gave space to pleasant pre-Christmas jazz in the newly renovated interiors. Excellent musicians Gabriel Jonáš (piano), Peter Štrauch (double bass), Juraj Kalász (saxophone) and singer Andrea Panáková provided an extraordinary experience for more than 40 participants. At the same time, we considered the concert to be a way of thanking all the supporters of the manor house, the list of whom would probably not even fit on the entire page of Ladce newspaper. We are proud that the mansion is gradually finding its audience and that we can welcome an increasing number of visitors. We will continue to organize cultural and social events and we will continuously inform the readers of Ladce newspaper about what we are planning and what we have managed to achieve. The mansion is open to all people of good will. On behalf of the manor in Ladce, allow us to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy and successful year 2024.