The MaHoLa (Manor House Ladce) team, which is cooperating on the restoration of the Ladce Manor House, has recently managed to pull off a stunt that we would like to share with the readers of Ladce Zvesty. We managed to obtain the oldest postcard depicting the manor house from a foreign auction. The central motif of the postcard is a drawing of the front side of the manor, i.e. the view from the north-west side. The manor house is depicted in the drawing after its reconstruction by Adolf Schenk at the end of the 19th century, which is evidenced by both the main representative entrance to the building and the existence of the corner turrets, finishing the west wing of the manor house. The postcard, dated 6 July 1900, was sent from Ladice to Karl Fichtenthal (?) in Vienna on 9 July 1900. It is worth mentioning that it found its addressee the very next day, on 10 July 1900. The person of the sender, whose name and relationship to the addressee we cannot yet identify with certainty, remains a question. In 1900, Adolf Schenk was already dead, and his widow Jeanette (since remarried and divorced) was living in the manor with their adult son Robert. We will further investigate the fate and relationship of the sender and addressee. The postcard will soon be displayed where it rightfully belongs - in an exhibition dedicated to the history of the manor.

Tomáš Michalík