The west wing of the manor house in Ladce is coming to life again, this time it was visited by art and two exhibitions at the same time.
Robert Hromec, an important contemporary painter, presented a cross-section of his work entitled Hands of Light - Mani Di Luce. "Hands accompany us from the first minutes of life to the last breath" ... said the painter poetically at the opening of the exhibition. Robert Hromec has studied and worked in the United States and has had many successful solo exhibitions internationally. He is currently creating his art in Italy and Slovakia. We are very honored that he visited our mansion and thus attracted many admirers of his important works.
Along with the opening of the paintings, there was also an opening with an exhibition of jewellery by Danka Haviarova, who has already made her mark in the history of the manor house, as she was involved as an architect in breathing life into these old walls. The splendour of the jewellery definitely belongs here. The play of pearls, precious stones and sparkling glass also remind us of the elegance and nonchalance of the bygone days of this magical place.
An interesting feature of these two authors, Róbert Hromec and Danka Haviarova, is that both of them attended the Folk School of Art in Žilina together during their childhood years.
The exhibition was attended by many well-known personalities who appreciated the effort to save this national monument, such as the mayor Jaroslav Baška, the mayor of the village Dominik Koštialik and others.
We thank everyone for their participation and also the two authors for helping us to bring life back to the manor through art and to fill it with joyful conversations of people with good hearts who will be happy to return to this place. We would like to create an arts centre for the region with exhibitions, seminars and courses.
We look forward to seeing you!

Photo: Čačko Peter -
Photo: Havranka